Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence Tools

Trying to find ways to leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Commercial Real Estate?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can benefit the commercial real estate industry in many ways. Property owners, leasing agents, and brokers can use AI to aggregate data from across the Internet to develop intelligence on markets, competitors, and potential buyers and sellers. Machine learning can help identify the optimal media avenues to reach target audiences. It also can produce better pricing by predicting1. Companies could use AI for lead management to display personalized promotions or messages to prospective buyers or lenders. 


  • GPT-4 (and future versions). A natural language model created by OpenAI that pushes the boundaries of natural language understanding and generation, leveraging improvements in context comprehension, reasoning, and creativity. (Link)
  • ChatGPT. AI language model designed by OpenAI for conversational interactions, capable of understanding and generating human-like responses across a wide range of topics. (Link)
  • Google Bard. A conversational AI chatbot developed by Google, initially based on LaMDA and later PaLM LLM models. (Link)
  • ChatSonic. A powerful AI chatbot based on GPT-4, designed to overcome ChatGPT’s limitations, utilizing NLP, ML, and automating text and image generation. (Link)
  • Perplexity AI. A new search engine bot challenging ChatGPT, offering features, a mobile app, and free access, providing detailed answers and additional resources for users. (Link)


  • ExcelFormulaBot. With the assistance of AI, you can instantly convert your text instructions to Microsoft Excel formulas. (Link)
  • Ajelix Google Sheets Formula Creator. The AI-Powered Google Sheets Formula Generator translates text into formulas, saving you time and increasing productivity. (Link)
  • SheetGod. Create intricate Excel formulas, macros, and automate manual tasks, using plain English and Google Appscript code snippets with the help of AI technology. (Link)
  • SheetAI. Leverage AI capabilities to simplify and expedite data analysis, generate personalized content, and access the insights you need faster than ever before. (Link)
  • Lumelixir. Convert plain English questions into Excel and Google Sheets formulas just as you would consult a friend who is knowledgeable about all the formulas. (Link)
  • MS Copilot in Excel. Unlock insights, identify trends, or create professional-looking data visualizations in a fraction of the time. (Link)
  • Formula Dog. This tool automatically converts text to Excel formulas, VBA code, and Regex, providing explanations along the way. Also compatible with Google Sheets, Airtable, and Notion. (Link)
  • GPTExcel. A free tool that generates complex Excel formulas effortlessly. (Link)


  • MS CoPilot in Word. Write, edit, summarize, and create in Word. (Link)
  • OpenAI’s GPT. The engine upon which ChatGPT is built, GPT uses a language prediction model to draft new and/or edit existing text. (Link)
  • CheckboxAI. Streamline document drafting, approvals, and e-signature process. (Link)
  • Type. AI-first document creation and editing tool. (Link)
  • WordviceAI. Improve English writing with automatic error detection and correction capabilities. (Link)
  • This tool auto-generates documentation from source code for all programming languages. (Link)
  • BeautifulAI. Effortlessly create stunning presentations in minutes with AI-assisted design and smart slides. (Link)
  • Handl. Handl is an AI document platform that transforms documents into data for multiple industries. (Link)


  • ChatGPT ‘Ask Your PDF’ Plugin. This ChatGPT plugin enables users to upload PDFs and interact with their content, facilitating the efficient extraction of information. (Link)
  • ChatPDF. Easily and quickly chat with any PDF for free without needing to sign in using ChatPDF. Whether you have books, research papers, manuals, essays, legal contracts, or any other type of PDF, you can talk to them. (Link)
  • AskCSV. Similar to ChatPDF, a tool for digesting information contained within a CSV quickly. (Link)
  • ChatGPT ‘Zillow’ Plugin. Access data for hundreds of millions of properties in the United States. (Link)


  • Bluemail GEM AI. Summarize emails and draft responses quickly with AI. (Link)
  • Flowrite. Have your daily emails and messages written for you across your browser with an AI email writer tool. (Link)
  • MS CoPilot in Outlook. Synthesize and manage the inbox in Outlook. (Link)
  • Relationship Coach AI. AI help and recommendations when responding to communications. (Link)
  • Poised 2.0. An AI communication coach for confident and clear speaking. (Link)
  • Yoodli. Yoodli is an AI-powered speech coach that provides free personalized communication feedback. (Link)
  • Usetwain. Twain is an AI assistant that helps sales/marketing teams with effective outreach. (Link)


  • Lately. Convert long-form content into dozens of social media posts. (Link)
  • Heyday. AI bot that engages with social media audience in comments. (Link)
  • Omneky. Generates personalized social media ads using AI. (Link)
  • Cortex. Provides optimized posting recommendations based on historical metrics, competitor analyses, and design preferences, as well as a dashboard for scheduling and previewing posts. (Link)
  • UpHex. Automate Facebook advertising campaigns. (Link)
  • AI Social Bio. AI Social Bio generates social media bios using keywords and influencer inspiration. (Link)


  • Jasper. Generative AI platform that tailors brand-specific content for your business. (Link).
  • Phrasee. AI-generated email, push, SMS, web, app, and social ad content. (Link)
  • Smartwrite. Writes personalized marketing emails. (Link)
  • Voicebooking. Converts written text to AI-generated voice files. (Link)
  • Resemble AI. Create voiceover from text with human-like voices, including your own. (Link)
  • Phrasee. Phrasee generates optimized, on-brand content for improved business results. (Link)


  • DALL·E. AI-generated images from text created by OpenAI, the same team that created ChatGPT. (Link)
  • Designs AI. Create logos designs quickly with AI. (Link)
  • Adobe Sensei. Uses AI to improve and simplify design. (Link)
  • 2Short AI. Extract from long videos, relevant short videos for TikTok, Instagram, YouTube shorts, and others. (Link)
  • Deep Art Effects. Utilize artificial intelligence to conveniently and innovatively edit images. (Link)
  • Designs AI. This is an AI-assisted graphic design tool for creating logos, videos, and more quickly. (Link)
  • MarketingBlocks AI. Ethan is an AI assistant that generates landing pages and other marketing assets. (Link)